With The Many Panera Bread Locations, There Is Bound To Be One Nearby

Panera Bread locationsThere are so many Panera Bread locations throughout the country that there is bound to be one near you.When we think of the Panera Bread menu, we can almost smell the delicious bread baking. This bakery chain is one of the most popular breakfast and lunch spots in the country, catering to  customers who care about their good health and who demand that their food tastes good.

Finding a local Panera Bread bakery-café is not difficult because an Internet-connected computer is all that is needed. Simply log on to the Panera Bread website and enter your zip code into the “locations” section on the left-hand menu. Click the little search arrow and a map of the local spots plus their address, telephone, and fax number are returned. In addition to the seeing the number of miles from the searched zip code, customers can view directions from a specific address to any of the Panera Bread locations of their choice.

Panera Bread Locations

Some Panera Bread locations feature free Wi-Fi Internet and others have community meeting rooms or drive thru service. Icons representing these features are listed next to the relevant store location. At the Wi-Fi hotspot bakery-cafes, bring a laptop, order a beverage and treat, and settle into a comfortable chair to surf the Web at no charge. If you have little time to spare, find a location with a drive thru and get in and out in a jiffy. Or, take the morning meeting offsite to a meeting room at a local Panera Bread.

Panera Catering is available in certain markets, making it possible for people to enjoy Panera Bread without having to leave the office. Customers just find their nearest location, create their order, and pay online in minutes. There really is no easier way to enjoy great, healthy food when a busy workday does not permit leaving the office.   There are so many Panera Bread locations around that finding one is not difficult at all.  You can even find Panera catering coupons.

People traveling for business or pleasure should search for the bakery-cafés located along their driving route. They can print the results and directions from the Web page so these are on hand when hunger calls. Knowing that a great meal is just around the corner can make even the longest road trip an exciting adventure. Understanding the Panera prices are family friendly when you arrive is even better!

Make a point of finding the nearest Panera Bread locations and stopping by to enjoy classics and seasonal favorites from the menu. While there, apply for a MyPanera member card to receive special offers, event invitations, and free items. No matter where business or leisure trips take you, a Panera Bread location is waiting for you.  Don’t forget to look for Panera Bread coupons before you go.  A Panera Bread coupon will save you some extra money.  Nothing beats the Panera Bakery, but you won’t really know what you are missing until you visit your local Panera Restaurant.  With so many Panera Bread locations around, finding one should not be that hard.