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Eat for Free with Panera Bread Coupons

panera bread couponsNo doubt you found this website looking for Panera Bread coupons. After all, finding coupons on the Internet is not only a hobby for many, but also helps save Americans millions of dollars each year. But as you stand there at the Panera Restaurant line deciding which of your coupons you are going to use, did you ever take a second to wonder where this coupon craze started? You might be surprised to learn that that discount coupons have been around for a century.

Thought many of you might be tempted to believe Panera Bread coupons are a new idea the truth is that as early as 1894, Coca Cola gave out “handwritten tickets,” now known as coupons, good for a complimentary glass of the new concoction. Months later, the cereal maker C.W. Post handed out coupons good for once cent off a box of the company’s new cereal.

Where did the idea of Panera Bread coupons come from?

As the United States of America entered difficult economic times in the 1920s, coupons began to gain popularity. Just as many of you try to save money with Panera Bread coupons today, Americans were searching for different ways to save money. However, the true coupon boom happened with the advent and popularity of the supermarkets. For the first time, supermarkets began directly targeting potential customers at their homes through newspapers and mailers.

The Neilson Coupon Clearing house, the first organization dedicated to the redemption of coupons, was created in 1957. Ten years later studies showed that almost one half of all Americans were using coupons.  As you can easily see, Panera Bread coupons have a history in this country.

The growth kept coming in later years. Almost seventy percent of Americans were clipping coupons by 1975. Coupons became so popular that in 1998, National Coupon Month was created to celebrate and promote the use of coupons. Today, ninety percent of all Americans use coupons, not only at their favorite stores, but online as well. For example, what better way to try a new Panera Bread recipe from Panera Bread Restaurants than to go to one of the Panera Bread restaurants with Panera Bread coupons? You can easily see why there is such a fascination with coupons.  Panera Bread recipes taste that much better when you taste the product at a discount, or even better, for free.

Americans have become experts at finding coupons such as Panera Bread coupons. They find them in newspapers, especially the Sunday papers that are loaded with hundreds of dollars in savings. Coupons are also sent home in fliers that are received by prospective coupon users in the mail. While many regard a fast food coupon on these fliers as trash, others look forward to their arrival each day. These fliers are also handed out to customers in stores upon entering. Some establishments print coupons on the receipts themselves to encourage customers to return at a later date. Some places offer samples to customers and hand out coupons at the same time.  This is why Panera Bread coupons are so famous and so sought after.  People are always looking to keep a little extra change in their pockets.

Where can you find Panera Bread coupons?

By now, many retailers and restaurants have jumped on the bandwagon to success and are offering on line coupons. The Internet has become an increasing source for all types of coupons. In addition to downloading these coupons, you can also receive a rebate promo code which can be used upon your online checkout.

There is no sign America’s love affair with coupons is going to end anytime soon. As long as there are companies trying to promote their products and consumers looking for ways to save, coupons, especially those like Panera Bread coupons, will be part of our lives. Panera locations understand this and Panera Bread coupons are only the tip of the iceberg.  The Panera Bread hours are also very customer friendly!

Panera Bread Coupons: Learn Where To get Them Today!

Panera Bread CouponsSo like I do every Saturday, I purchased my local newspaper down here in Miami, Florida and I started scanning for my favorite restaurant coupons, namely Panera Bread coupons. I don’t mind spending time doing so, because Panera Bread is one of my favorite restaurants in the whole wide world! I never get tired of visiting them. Whether its their soups, salads, sandwiches, deserts or whatever else they have, they never disappoint.

Panera Bread Coupons

The first time I went searching for Panera Bread coupons, I never knew how easy it would be to find them. I honestly thought it would be a crap shoot. I said to myself that if I didn’t try; however, I would never get them so I started trying. Within 5 minutes, I found three of them that I used that day. One was turned in at breakfast, the other when visiting with my friends at lunch, and the third was used when I ate dinner there. By now you can probably see how crazy I am about this place.

Sometimes, when I am in a hurry, I just stop in for some coffee and coffee cake. The service is always fast so I know I can be in and out of there in less than 15 minutes. They don’t play around there! If I have extra time, then I sit down and have a piping hot cup of soup in a sourdough bowl. How good is that right? I have a salad with it and a coke. Of course I don’t leave there without having one of their famous cookies. I save money on my order by using Panera Bread coupons. It’s incredible how much a Panera Bread coupon will save you.

Not all of you will be as lucky as me. You may not find Panera Bread coupons as fast as I did, but believe me you will. When I find papers or online sites that have them, I will usually post them on this site after making sure they are not expired. Why not help you save some money when there are ways to do so no? I thanks you so much for checking out this blog and I encourage you to keep checking it often for Panera coupons. You can use them on pretty much everything on the Panera Bread menu.